The living room, kitchen, and dining room are located in a common room on the first, ground floor. The LED TV is equipped with A1’s satellite TV package.

The Fischer air conditioner cools the entire room extremely quickly. The room is bright and spacious, with a comfortable and soft corner sofa, a coffee table, a dining table, and 6 dining chairs. The section is equipped with books to read (mostly fantasy and thrillers, as well as children’s books), chess, board games “Skazanie”, “Monopoly”, and playing cards. If desired, a booster seat can be provided (to be placed on a standard dining chair).

A bar counter separates the kitchen from the living room. A microwave oven, a kettle for heating water, and a tray are located on it.

In the kitchen you will find everything you need for your stay:

  • tableware (forks, spoons, knives, plates, cups, pots, trays)
  • fan oven
  • four induction hobs
  • aspiration
  • refrigerator with freezer
  • sandwich maker/grill
  • toaster
  • Siemens EQ5 coffee machine, working with coffee beans and ground coffee
  • electric juicer
  • laundry
  • condiments (sugar, salt, savory, red pepper, black pepper, oil, vinegar, and others)

From the room, there is an additional exit to the garden.

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