Villa “Bozhi” does not have its own parking, but there are designated spaces on the side of the main road (in front of the house) where a vehicle can be parked. The road in front of the villa is used as one of the entrances to the city of Balchik, so we ask that guests do not obstruct vehicular traffic.

The courtyard is divided into five levels, each accessible by steps. Not recommended for people with mobility issues. The first level is the house level. You may find a pleasant playground for your children and/or pets. It is covered with river pebbles. To the side of the house, there is a paved area where there is an umbrella and a table with four chairs. The place is extremely suitable for your morning or afternoon coffee while enjoying the sun’s rays and the song of the birds.

In the yard, there are many roses, two apple trees, a cherry tree, and additional greenery. Please, in case your pets defecate while playing among them, wash their paws before entering the house. For this purpose, you can use the outdoor water fountain located at the back of the villa.

On the highest level of the yard is the playground with the pool. It is half covered with paving tiles and the other half with river pebbles. Sunbeds, an umbrella, and beach towels are at your disposal.

The pool is filtered, but due to its open location, you may encounter insects. At your disposal will be a net for catching the larger representatives of the fauna. Villa “Bozhi” provides a robot for cleaning the pool and its walls. The cleaning cycle is about an hour and a half (depending on the contamination). You can independently place the robot in the pool and turn it on. During the operation of the robot, the pool should not be used.

A charcoal barbecue with wheels is also available to guests, which can also be used by the pool. The barbecue has 4 power levels, ventilation, and two rows of grills. We ask guests to clean the barbecue after use. Barbecue utensils are also at your disposal.

For children, we offer a swing (up to 12-15 kg), a children’s pool (small), a boat pool, and a belt. In addition, we can also offer a tricycle with which you can take your walks in the surrounding area. Please let us know in advance if you would like any of the extras described.

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